What The Hell They All Say They Love Art

It is a mail out kinda day and My Stuffies’ Secret Life is making the rounds.If you don’t no one else well this is my attitude towards shameless promotion.They all say they love art so what the hell does a stuffy have to lose. Justin ,Oprah ,Ellen ,and Gwyneth I look forward to hearing which Stuffy is your favorite.

You to can get a copy of My Stuffies’ Secret Life an art book of dreams.wishes and aspirations.Perfect gift for all ages $30 including shipping.Just email me for more info  laurabalducciart@gmail.com IMG_0987

Season – “My Stuffies’ Secret Life”

Season was brought up to have love in his heart, be thoughtful of others and spread compassion. He shares his vision and hopes to spread it around the world to everyone he meets. At the solstices,Season counts his lucky stars and has faith that peace is just around the corner.

Season is in Paris to day at The Louvre for The Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Event.

I would like to say thank -you to my editor who I worked with on my art book – “My Stuffies’ Secret Life” –  with her encouragement and skills she made it possible to take this project to the next level. I look forward to working with Paloma Vita again in the near future.


Season - Portrait
Season – Portrait
Season - photo shot
Season – photo shot

The Stuffy Collection

Today The Stuffy Collection and myself will be at The Cortes island Elementary School.We have been invited to teach the youth how to draw and paint their favorite stuffed animal.I will be promoting the importance of art, inspiring the youth to use art to communicate there vision,and what art means to me. But most of all I hope to bring smiles to there faces and some fun to their class today.Wish me luck I think this is going to be a great morning as long as they don’t throw all the paint at me.Today I share Pinky’s Portrait from Week 48.

What’s Going On?

As summer is in full swing pulling weeds and preserving food is on the list of daily activity’s but so is making art.Coming up quickly I have paintings in 2 group shows both from Aug.1st to Aug 15th.In both these shows on Cortes Island I well be showing a preview of The Stuffy Collection.Honey,Elenor,and Bambie well be in Mix Of Seven an art show @ The Coop Cafe.Mix Of Seven is a group show of some of the work we have accomplished in our Mixed Media Art Class I’m in with 6 other artist’s at Lisa Gibbons Studio and there well be an evening with the Artist’s on Aug.4th from 7-9.The second show which is at The Little School House Gallery is also a group show for member’s and the opening night is Aug 1st and well run till Aug 15th in this show I’ll be showing Stan my newest portrait from The Stuffy Collection.To see more of The Stuffy collection please go to the page on my website.I have 1 more show coming up in the middle of Aug a submission of a Comic Book Cover which is also a group show in Victoria B.C. and a solo show in Powell River to be announced shortly where I’ll be showing The Ghost’s Of Artrosshes which is a series on vinyl siding consisting of 21 paintings.I guess I’ll head back to the studio now and get back to work but that’s What Is Going On stay tune for official announcements and invites.Art is Everywhere and Everything is inspiring.

Meet Semore My Model

Meet Semore my model for week 25 of The Stuffy collection.I thought I would take a moment and show the photo shoot and the portrait.Every week for 52 weeks I’m painting a portrait of my stuffy collection(stuffed animal collection),I do a photo shoot of the stuffy for the week and take inspiration from the photo and create my vision of the portrait.I have learned a lot doing this challenge so far trying all sorts of different techniques and inspirations,I hope you enjoy watching my first portrait collection grow weekly.