week 23 of The Stuffy Collection

Mr Spin’s Portrait for week 23 of the stuffy collection was painted during my workshop this weekend with Landon Mackenzie.I meet some very inspiring artist and felt very fortunate to have this opportunity to paint under the influence and inspiration of Landon Mackenzie and have her critique my work and give me guidance to moveContinue reading “week 23 of The Stuffy Collection”

Week 22 Barney’s photo shoot

Barney and myself went deep into the woods of Cortes Island to find an old friend to do his photo shoot with.It was a another beautiful day and we had alot of fun.Stay tune for Barneys portrait.As the Stuffy Collection continues into week 22 of a 52 week portrait challenge of my stuffed animal collection.

Stewies Portrait

For this portrait i decided to try an abstract combined with a miniature .Using the colours from Stewies photo shoot that you can see more of on The Stuffy Collection Page . Stewie was a very stubborn model and need some reinforcing of his obligation of being part of the series hence the limp andContinue reading “Stewies Portrait”

week 20 of The Stuffy Collection

For 52 weeks I’m doing portraits of my stuffy collection.We have a model style photo shoot and then i paint the stuffy as a portrait.Well here we go on to week 20 and my model is Stewie from Family Guy as he gazes in the dingie just off the shores of Cortes Island stay tuneContinue reading “week 20 of The Stuffy Collection”

The Stuffy Collection Continues

16 weeks in to a 52 week challenge of doing portraits of my stuffed animal collection.This collection and challenge just gets funner ever week and i feel like i have learned so much doing this body of work. Meet Sally my model at the skate park on Cortes Island hanging out before her portrait.