Honey is done:Stuffy Collection Potrait week 5

Honey wanted her potrait to resemble what she looks out at Squirrel Cove daily.I used collage,acrylic paints,recycled scrabble pieces,and Kroma Crackle . The Stuffy Collection Potraits continues. This is a 52 week challenge doing my first attempt at potraits using my stuffed animal collection.

weekly photo challenge : object

With this weeks photo challenge OBJECT I thought i would look back throw the week in check out the OBJECTS I have been working on..1- The Ghosts of Artrosshes, 1- Stuffy Collection, 3. Walkable Art. It’s was a great week, and I look forward to the start of a fresh new week.

weekly photo challenge:JUXTAPOSTION

This weeks photo challenge: JUXTAPOSTION I decieded I would attempt to use my model for my stuffy collection.She is a stuffed Russian NestingĀ  Doll and we snaped this shot on our way out the door to art class on Cortes Island with Lisa Gibbons. As you my know im working on a 52 week challengeContinue reading “weekly photo challenge:JUXTAPOSTION”

unveiling of Oliver from the Stuffy Collection

I’m on my 3rd week of portaits. One a week for 52 weeks and my models are from my stuffed animal collection.This is my first attempt at portaits, this week Oliver joined me after a tragic faceplant in a puddle on his way to art class,I protray a lighter funner side to his day sittingContinue reading “unveiling of Oliver from the Stuffy Collection”