Acknowledging a Team player

My latest art installation, The Other-Side presents That Wall, has been a resounding success and I am the first say that it took an entire team to create it. Graphic artists, photographer, videographer, producer, mentor, carter, drivers, organizers and an editor. I have shared their names and their work, and have thanked them all for their contributions. There is still one person I would like to acknowledge, who has been contributing from behind the scenes. You see her work here weekly without knowing it; her work is to understands me so you can too! I appreciate her so much and feel very fortunate to have her on my team.

Picture of me 4.png

Paloma Vita is a friend, a fellow artist and also my editor and graphic artist. She has put in hours of creative input in this latest project and helped design the CD cover and posters as well as edited my artist statement. She also played a big part in the production of my art book, My Stuffies’ Secret Life. She is a digital artist, translator, ghost-writer, editor, and natural healer. She is a joy to work with, so please check out her website if you need some of her language skills or visit her art site to view her Visionary Zodiac collection and learn more about a treasured team player.

For her language services website, please click here or contact her at and for her art website, please click here