BalducciArt Wool

BalducciArt Wool is a one-of-a-kind, artisan yarn which has been spun by hand – you could call it “art wool”! Each is unique and comes in a variety of colours, some dyed naturally, some with Ciba dye, and others yet from donated fibres. My style of spinning results in my art wool being irregular and highly textured – sometimes chunky, sometimes thin.

I suggest using it to knit with a needle set larger than 8mm. You can also mix and match the wool with any of your the favourite yarns you might have in your stash. BalducciArt wool is priced by the gram so each ball varies in price. I do my best to source as local a base fibre as possible and I then add other fibres when I am drum carding my batts and prepare them to be spun. Instructions for care are simple: hand-wash in cold water and lie flat to dry. You can purchase my yarn via email, my social media, or by commenting below. You can also find my art wool and many other handmade items at The Gorge Harbour Market all summer long on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. I’ll be there with my spinning group, “Spinners Unite” where we offer our wares and put on wool-spinning demos on our wheels…. you won’t be able to miss us! xoxo Laura

For any questions or if you wish to purchase some BalducciArt Wool yarns, please email or leave a comment.

Art From My Collection

This week I am celebrating some awesome artists from My West Coast Art Collection.Today I share a corner in my dining room that is special to my heart.Dedicated to my good friend and one of my favorite artists Pj Kelly from Victoria.Her art makes me have a smile daily ,her use of Acrylic Paint and Texture I find very inspiring.To see more of her work please visit her website https://pjkelly.wordpress.comPj Kelly

That Wall A new Series

That Wall has 2 sides to it and many layers too.

I have started a new series called That Wall and we’ll be posting the progress as it has many layers to it.Today I’m sharing the other side and you well hear me refer to this side or the other side often throw out the growth of this project.There is 13 paintings with a surprise on each one but well get to that another day.For now it’s all about the layers.Here is the second stage of the other side of That Wall.