Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

If you haven’t heard the news yet, it’s high time you do! NoMeansNo, the legendary punk band from Victoria BC, have officially announced their retirement after 35 years of touring, recording and entertaining our hearts and ears. This is a very Nostalgic moment for me – and for many others, I am sure – asContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia”

The Abbie Hoffman Society

In 2013 my band The Abbie Hoffman Society released our 1st full CD.We had so much fun over the years creating music,performing and going on tour. A collaboration between Meghan Hildebrand and Myself created the album cover.Today I share the collage I made out of the inside of tetra pack’s (almond milk packages) and aContinue reading “The Abbie Hoffman Society”

The Abbie Hoffman Society

Check out my bands Cd on Sound Cloud play it loud all day and dance around the kitchen.The Abbie Hoffman Society is an all girls punk rock band from Powell River.We made music,video’s,stickers,toured with some great bands including NoMeansNo ,The Slim Milkie Band ,little pharmer  and many more.But most of all we had FUN. You canContinue reading “The Abbie Hoffman Society”

The Abbie Hoffman Society

My band The Abbie Hoffman Society just released a music video !!!! Check it out   https://youtu.be/hK1YeHVrHIk The music video for “John Connor’s Mother” was created at Mundo Park in beautiful Powell Riveria, BC, Canada. This film was created by punk rock group The Abbie Hoffman Society and features many stars from the female population ofContinue reading “The Abbie Hoffman Society”

thing’s i love week

I love my bandmates.My band is called The Abbie Hoffman Society we are an all lady’s punk rock band from Powell River B.C. Canada and we have a lot of fun from writing and playing music, to passing on a positive vibe, creating stage wear and graphic for stickers and posters.The Abbie Hoffman Society isContinue reading “thing’s i love week”

weekly photo challenge:grand

my band just had our cd release party DO THEY EVER by the Abbie Hoffman Society .I actually didnt take this picture cause i was on stage being my aka Laura Hoffman but a good friend Brad Colins shared his photo with us and it was and extravganza,a full house and an amazing time thisContinue reading “weekly photo challenge:grand”


I have just recently updated my website.  I invite you all to check it out and take a view of some of my recent paintings and photograghy.  I also have a blog at http://www.fashionradio.biz, where i chat about fashion, art, music and different things that inspire me, and I hope others as well.  You’re alsoContinue reading “Updates”