Weekly Photo Challenge – Transmogrify

Last Saturday evening, I attended The Haunted Ball in Powell River – where I also showed some of my own art. It was a total success! It was a full house and there was an abundance of amazing costumes, and of course The Vale Society outdid themselves on both the decorating and organizing – the DJ line-up alone was nothing shy of awesomeness!!! But there was one costume in particular that I will never forget. He called himself “Disaster Cell Bacteria” and shared himself with everyone! In fact, I don’t know of one person who did not Transmogrify because of him that evening… I personally called him “GMO Cereal” because he reminded me of those fancy Fruit Loops. It was a wonderful time and I am so glad I finally got to experience The Haunted Ball.


Workshop & More

I am off to Powell River for the weekend – the town that never sleeps, full of culture and arts. I feel so fortunate that it’s only a boat ride away from the tranquility of my home on Cortes Island. I am attending a workshop on the technique of Encaustic – using wax and pigment – and I have been so looking forward to it! I will share what I learn in one of my posts next week. I am not only going for the workshop however, it’s going to be a jam-packed weekend with an artist talk Friday evening and then D.O.A and Those Things playing at the bowling alley. The workshop is Saturday all day and then there is the famous Haunted Ball, where 4 of my creations will be featured in the gallery. Could I have picked a better weekend to go off island ? I say, “No way!” I am looking forward to seeing all my friends, learning new techniques and getting a huge dose of straight-up culture in the one-stop wonder town of Powell River BC! I share the poster for The Haunted Ball.