the Other-Side

Excited and jumping for joy !!!

We are happy to announce that CD of the sound track for the art installation called “That Wall” have gone to press. We look forward to sharing this exciting project with you all  during the up coming art shows this summer and a soon to be announced CD release party in Powell River B.C. xoxo

photo by David Molyneaux  and Graffiti Art by Catnap


the Other-Side:band mates

I had an amazing time creating the sound track for my new art installation with the members of the Other-Side.It was an over the top experience being in The Music Room with 4 friends that really know how to get down, be creative using all there talent and experience.I thank them all for being involved in my project and I look forward to sharing my new art installation “That Wall” with all of you this summer .

photo by David Molyneaux


Meet The Other-Side

The Other-Side is a new band from Powell River and Cortes Island B.C Canada.We are 5 artists from all sorts of back grounds that have come together to collaborate and create a soundtrack for the art installation called “That Wall”.We just recently spent the weekend at The Music Room recording located in Powell River.From the top meet Cameron Twyford aka little pharmer ,Del Riveria ,Laura Balducci ,Craig Vishek and Tom Dowding.

Photo by David Molyneaux


Thank-You From The Other-Side

My new band is called The Other-Side and is the band behind the sound track for my new art installation called “That Wall”.We had an amazing time at  The Music Room which is in Powell River B.C.Canada recording our new CD.It was a meeting of the minds,that brought out many instruments,and way to much fun.We would like to take a moment to give thanks to everyone that made it possible.Our driver for the weekend (who we strong suggest hiring) kept us on time and safe Ian McGahey,David Molyneaux our photographer who captured some unbelievable photo’s and documented the experience,The Little Curry Hut for a delightful dinner,Coastal Cookery  for getting us in just before closing,Townsite Brew for keeping the creative juice flowing,Base Camp for keeping us jacked on coffee and all the wives and Chris Murdock for giving us the weekend to create together.More pictures are on there way and I well introduce my bandmates this week.We Thank -You All.


Making Progress

Many of you have heard now that I am working on a new art installation called “That Wall”.There is 4 major steps to this installation as there is 2 sides and a sound track involved.The Graffiti wall is done !!! I have 4 more art dolls to do and going in to The Music Room in Powell River B.C. to record the soundtrack on Jan.15th with my new band called The Other-Side consisting of collaboration of artists/musicians together for the soul purpose of creating a soundtrack to go with the art installation.(I well introduce them soon I promise).The 4th step is to assemble the installation which well happen in February.In the mean time I leave you with a photo of preparing my Polymer Clay for the last 4 art dolls that well occupy The Other-Side of That Wall.