But What Is Your Passion?

I have been a working artist for over 30 years in the hair, make up and fashion styling industry and have just recently retired!!! And I loved my profession – so now what???

Since I moved to Cortes Island six years ago, I’ve had the chance to dabble in many mediums of art which led to the creation of five solo art installations and my participation in many group shows, combining the different techniques I have learned over the years. You can view all my exhibitions and shows on my website. I’ve had so much fun and accomplished many goals during this time in my life – these include a group show in Europe, the making of  a CD and touring with my band The Abbie Hoffman Society, the recording of a sound track to go with one of my art installations and a whole lot of art dolls, and one that even came alive… It’s been a a great ride!!!

So the question is what is my new burning passion now that I am not styling hair anymore? Creating Art… Obviously!!! So where do I go with it? I have been pondering this question for a few months. I love colour theory, knitting, dying fiber, and creating lots of art, which makes the idea of working in Fiber and Textile Art a no-brainer for me and the central focus of where I am putting my energy. Creating Wearable Art!!!

I have started on this path, as many of you know, but I have decided to continue exploring this exciting medium in the new year by creating more wearable art. This means experimenting with fiber and textile art, learning to spin yarn as well as focusing my concepts on making wearable items that follow the colour theory I have used all throughout my career. In my past work, I used the palettes of the seasons: fall, winter, autumn, and  spring. My new collection of work is thus aptly called “four seasons” and includes hand-knitted scarves, chokers/collars, and silk scarves that have been painted with natural dyes and Cida acid dyes. I am creating four items for each of the four seasons – so a one-of-a-kind and limited edition.


I will have a few items at The Gorge Christmas Bazaar alongside another new item, greeting cards of my art dolls, as well as some of my original art pieces, and my art book “My Stuffies’ Secret Life”. I am excited to share my new and past art in a few different formats, which includes craft fairs, pop-up shops, and a soon to come online store! So come and see me at the Bazaar and may the celebrations begin! xoxo


The Abbie Hoffman Society

In 2013 my band The Abbie Hoffman Society released our 1st full CD.We had so much fun over the years creating music,performing and going on tour. A collaboration between Meghan Hildebrand and Myself created the album cover.Today I share the collage I made out of the inside of tetra pack’s (almond milk packages) and a link to the full CD “Do They Ever”.


thing’s i love week

thing's i love week

I love my bandmates.My band is called The Abbie Hoffman Society we are an all lady’s punk rock band from Powell River B.C. Canada and we have a lot of fun from writing and playing music, to passing on a positive vibe, creating stage wear and graphic for stickers and posters.The Abbie Hoffman Society is gearing up for a mini tour with our new cd DO THEY EVER , lot’s of merch and 2 other acts Discount Limousine from Gibson and Little Pharmer and The Ditch Prescription from Powell River and we are all very excited to travel together.My bandmates are inspiring ,my friends,and always there for me to keep me on my toes throw the good times and the hard times by always put a smile on my face. Remember music is art tooo.

To have a listen to our cd ,learn more about us and staying up to date with the tour please visit us at http://theabbiehoffmansociety.com

poster art from the tour

poster art from the tour

my band just recently finished a tour with nomeansno it was amazing im back in my studio painting away with my new art supples i got on the road trying out some new ideas i share with you all poster art from the tour this is my bands drum kit logo at the waverly in cumberland bc my band is http://www.theabbiehoffmansociety.wordpress.com and our next stop is the recording studio this spring stay tune for our album out this spring in the mean time enjoy every day and work on your dreams thanks laura