Weekly Photo Challenge – A Place in The World

I love living on Cortes Island B.C. Canada… it’s A (The) Place in The World where I belong!!! With all its natural beauty, forests, lakes, ocean beaches and shores – as well as an amazing community that has always made me feel welcome – I really cannot think of a better place to call home.

A bird’s-eye view of Hague Lake in the Kw’as Park – also known as my backyard…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourite Place

I have to be honest and confess that my Favourite Place is where I live: Cortes Island, BC, Canada!!! It is one of the many islands on the West Coast region on the Salish Sea. I live on 33 acres, tucked in between two provincial parks – one of which is Kwas Park – and on the banks of two white sands lakes, Gunflint and Hague. And then there is Hanks Beach, a lush forest trails that leads you to the ever-changing sea. I take advantage of both Kwas Park and Hanks Beach on a daily basis where I get to see all sorts of wildlife, very few people, and to experience new levels of tranquility every day. On top of all this visual enchantment, I share this beautiful place I call home with a very supportive community with an abundance of talent. The bounty never ends…


Weekly Photo Challenge -Landscape

Our  backyard is the amazingly beautiful Kwas Park on Cortes Island.Where the trails are endless and the views are spectacular.For this weeks photo challenge I share a map and the Landscapes of Kwas  Park.My crew and I spend a lot of time in these trails exploring!!!



The Time is Now

It’s been a busy summer for all it feels and at our house it’s been no different. A summer filled with Art Shows ,Gardening , White Sandy Beach’s ,Guest’s ,Lots of Hikes with The Zoo and Many great sights On the Paddle Board -It’s so not over yet!!!

Sometimes timing is everything and it seems to be on my side. As all my summer obligations comes to a slow down so does The Beautiful Cortes Island beach’s and trails become less busy and kids get ready to go back to school. It seems to be the perfect timing to start a summer vacation of my own.The next little bit you well be able to find me paddle boarding quietly with Betty  ,preserving our unexpectedly successful garden and enjoying my newly organized studio set up to start getting down to some new insight on some new collections and some time on the beach’s that seemed overly consumed for the first part of the summer. More guests , a lot of time in the studio and the yummie food for the winter all this makes for a great summer ,the time is now to enjoy the rest of summer and all the beautiful sunrises.

studio view of the sunrise on  Monday Aug.24 2015
studio view of the sunrise on Monday Aug.24 2015