Oh! Ogopogo’s “Outside Human”

Oh! Ogopogo is getting ready to release their new children’s book and CD called Outside Human. I had the pleasure of creating a painting to illustrate their song, “Don’t Feed The Bully” for what is now their second album and book set. It’s been exciting to watch this project grow, and even more fun to see the finished product. They picked a different artist to create a picture for each of the songs on the album, and then made it into a kids book. I will soon share my contribution to the project. Watch for the release coming soon – in the meantime, here is a sneak peek!

To learn more about Oh! Ogopogo please visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/OhOgopogo/

P.S. To all punk rock parents out there: You gotta check these guys out; they’re great!!!


The Other-Side-band mates

Meet Craig Vishek : guitarist : extraordinaire :Key figure in seminal bands,Pigment Vehicle,Show Biz giants,Godzballz,Budokan,Slim Milkie Band

photo’s by David Molyneaux




Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is one of my new painting being shown for the first time at the Undy Hundy Art Show this weekend in Victoria @ The Ministry of Causal Living.The show is open all weekend with entertainment and so much more.You can also get one of my art books “My Stuffies’ Secret Life”.

10 x 10  wood panel,polymer clay ,collage,acrylic,molding mud and vintage penny’s $100


You can also see The Card -$100

14 x 14  – Canvas , Acrylic ,Collage ,Kroma Crackle ,Recycled FrameIMG_1177



Undy hundy Art Show

It’s been a busy year but it’s not over yet!!! The last art show of the year is about to begin on Dec.11 til the 13th in Victoria @ The Ministry of Causal Living. I well have 2 paintings in the show one for raffle and 3 of my art books “My Stuffies’ Secret Life”.Please share the poster and spread the word.






Food Fued

Food Fued is part of In Cahoots an art show @ The Slide Room Gallery in Victoria. Along with 54 other collaborations until November 30th.

Food Fued 16 x 24 Acrylic ,Watercolours ,Crackle , Collage ,Molding Mud ,Gold Leaf  – $650.00

Food Fued
Food Fued

A collaboration by Robert Skot McMillan and Laura Balducci

Art Attack Wind-Up

A few Pictures of an Art Attack Wind-Up from a great weekend with the lady’s.We are all living busy life’s where ever we are,it’s not very often you get to go on a Art Attack weekend with the lady’s so we made the most of it.Lady’s travelling from Cortes Island and Powell River we joined up and had a blast.Friday nite shopping and dinning in Victoria.After a great day of shopping which was pure eye candy with the street fashions and the new fall collection we dined at The Mint where you can see massive art pieces from our good friend and talented artist Colin Macrae. On Saturday as a hurricane rushes throw the West Coast of B.C. floods of people with there umbrellas flock to Madrona Gallery to see Meghan Hildebrand’s new body of work called “Giant’s” .Leaving very inspired we head off to Pj Kelly’s studio to enjoy some home made soup and do art all evening with the a well known artist from Victoria Roy Green.On Sunday we go to Opus to participate in a workshop by Meghan Hildebrand called Spontaneous and that it was.Head off to see a mural by Meghan and a few other local artists as they take over the walls of Victoria as there is a community of artist’s that just won the walls during a street art exhibit happening now. Then to Roy Green’s studio to see some of his mass of paintings of brilliance.Ending the weekend of and having a Jamaican Thanks Giving weekend dinner with the lady’s.To say the least we successfully filled a weekend with an Art Attack.

street fashion
street fashion
shoe art
shoe art
Madrona Gallery
Madrona Gallery
Giant's by Meghan Hildebrand
Giant’s by Meghan Hildebrand
Mural by Meghan Hildebrand and few lady artists from Victoria
Mural by Meghan Hildebrand and few lady artists from Victoria


I had the pleasure of an art attack weekend and I well share the details of the  wind up of the weekend later this week.On Sunday the lady’s and I got an opportunity to take in an inspiring workshop by Meghan Hildebrand called Spontaneous @ Opus in Victoria .To say it bluntly we all left with new ideas , a free spirit ,a painting to work on and so much more.I share today my painting inspired in the workshop “Toast”. I feel like I made some new grounds to my art practice this year with all the exciting workshops I have had the chance to explore and I am very happy to start putting it all to work in Tone Studio as I get ready to buckle down and work.To see more of Meghan Hildebrand’s please visit her website



Raising Awareness With Art

Today is the day!!!

Portrait - Paddington Bear
Portrait – Paddington Bear

The art installation Paddington Bear from The Stuffy Collection is in a silent auction doing his best to help raise money and awareness for a cause dear to our heart in Victoria B.C. Please help spread the word.  

“Rain or shine,wind or snow; the weather does not matter if your ready to go.” Paddington Bear is the one you can rely on for embarking on adventure at the drop of a hat.And he is always prim and proper.