Weekly Photo Challenge – Relax

Unbeknownst to many people (well the cat is out of the bag now!) this is how I have been spending one hour of my day Relaxing – 5 days a week for over 40 years now. It all started when I was spending time with my grandma, and it continued at my parents’ house… and to this day, I watch The Young and The Restless, while looking out at my gorgeous view  and sometimes colour fashion post cards. Everyone needs their down time however it works for them!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up

Remember playing on the monkey bars on the school grounds or the local park? I do! Being young and daring, I would do all kinds of tricks and scramble up and down the monkey bars for hours of play. Then a moment would always come where I ended up hanging upside down and I would Look Up… and much to my surprise, it always looked so different each time!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind

A view from Salmonberry Studio’s on Cortes Island.The State of Mind of the artist’s that attended the workshop this past weekend. Facilitated by Lisa Gibbons called  “A Story Telling and Art Making Weekend: Reclaiming Your Soul’s Intuition”