weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Evanescent

If you don’t get up early enough in the morning, you may just miss the Evanescent moment of the morning dew on the flowers in the garden!!! Here is a view of a magical morning earlier this month when the dew bejewelled one of my Queen of Night Tulips…




Weekly Photo Challenge – Security

unnamedThis is Betty and my pink wool sweater!!! We have had her since she was 8 weeks old and ever since the day she came home to us, this has been her favourite item and kind of Security “blanket”. Whenever I leave the house, whether it be for 5 mins or an entire weekend, she sits on my sweater the whole time. She loves this sweater so much that sometimes she even gives fusses about it a little when I want to wear it…xoxo

Weekly Photo Challenge – It Is Easy Being Green

It Is Easy Being Green

Green is the colour of harmony

Green is a way of life

Green can mean money

Green can be something you smoke

Green can also be used as medication

Green makes you think fresh

Green can also mean you feel sick

Green makes you think of recycling

Green is the colour of light that means you can go

Green is my favourite colour….

a poem by Laura Balducci



Weekly Photo Challenge – The Road Taken

When travelling to Cortes Island on the beautiful western coast of Canada, you must not only travel by road but also take what we call our “water highway” – with the assistance of B.C. Ferries or of course your own boat! The Road Taken for us means crossing the Salish Sea!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadow

I often come across sets of antlers as I walk and hike the trails of Cortes Island but these three pieces came to me, since I found them randomly in our yard. I placed them in this formation for no real reason some time ago, and in this special moment, their combined Shadows create one large antler. Nature is pretty awesome!!!


Weekly photo Challenge – Repurpose

The lifestyle of anyone living on Cortes Island, on the beautiful BC Coast, could best be described as rural.; it is also very remote. It takes 2 ferries to reach the first urban centre where one can do any city stuff!!! This means that many of us become savvy on how to Repurpose items that have outgrown their use and which hopefully make their way to our recycling centre. Such items can be found as boats with holes in them, old rusted bathtubs that needed replacing, and so on. So I have made the habit of going down to the centre once a week to see what we can find to create more garden beds – since we are big on growing as much food as we can and because the land on which we live is riddled with sand deposits (since our property is nestled between a sandy lake shore and sandy ocean trails) it is difficult to make your normal run-of-the-mill raised gardens and we have to get creative!

Those pieces also make for some interesting conversation pieces, as we Repurpose as many items as possible by giving them a rebirth as one of the features in what we call our Art Yard!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful

One of my favourite places to go spend some time in Powell River, BC is Base Camp – Coffee + Food + Art. They have Graceful(ly) made their mark as one of the finest coffee shops on the whole Salish Sea. Displaying art by local artists, serving super yummy organic food, and doing their best to be as environmentally-friendly as possible – just in case you forget your to-go coffee mug!!! – they offer a complete experience for the senses all while nourishing your body and your caffeine cravings!

for more info please visit their website – basecamp-coffee.com/

Art by Colin MacRae



Weekly Photo Challenge – Names

The Cortes Connection is a household Name on our beautiful Island. It is a fantastic family-owned is passenger and freight transportation service that has been running for years that runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They come pick you up at your house and drive you all the way to Campbell River with a smile and for $20.00. They make stops across Cortes Island, and on Quadra Island and will drop you off at your destination; they also can pick you up and get you to where you need to be on island. They even pick up packages and deliver them for you, so you don’t have to leave your cozy home to get that $5.00 part !!!

For more info on this great service on Cortes Island, please visit their website: www.cortesconnection.com/


Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation

Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Winter has hit our usually temperate province (British Columbia, Canada) in full force this year. It had been in the forecast since fall but we did not understand what they meant until it happened! And in my household, we are grateful for the inches of snow that have already fallen, mainly because there is a chance that it might replenish the water table and help avoid a drought for the next gardening season. With a high Anticipation for even more snow to fall this winter, we might even enjoy a white holiday season all the way into the new year. There are some out there who are not into the white fluffy stuff but honestly, we have had a shortage of water over the last few summers, in part due to very low snowfalls over the winters. So  bring it on! And it’s also a great pretext to spend extra time in the studio, cozied up with my loved ones – including my beloved zoo members of course – and drinking warm beverages.

The snow offers another benefit. I happen to be very fond of yard art and have put on display many little creatures and treasures in mine. Today I share a photo of a vintage toy with a clock concealed in its body that awaits in Anticipation to see if the snow will end up covering him completely this year or not. Only time will tell…