The Art of Growing Food

There’s something to be said about growing your own food. And that something is, “Do it”!!!

To me, growing a vegetable garden is a form of art. It is a well-known adage that “we are what we eat” and that we are all walking canvases. I also have as soft spot for yard art and let’s not forget that when we cook, all our wonderful produce becomes part of our culinary art… So when you put it all together, growing food is indeed an art form!


It is also one of the ways in which I contribute and give to my family, since the more food we grow the less we need to buy, and the more money we save. Growing your food also saves the planet by bypassing any need for packaging and no gas is used to bring it to your home, and of course you know where your food came from and the love that went into producing it.


My process starts with the seeds; some of which I have collected from the previous year and some I buy from a trusted source. Then my man preps the garden beds, and then when the soil – which we build and nourish throughout the year – is thawed and the weather is warm enough, the garden gets planted. All of this is very exciting to me as I love to watch everything grow as I water it throughout spring and summer. By the time fall comes around, all the preserves have to be done and the shelves and freezer get stocked… total gratification is how it feels. I hope to encourage everyone, no matter what size of space you have to give it a try, whether you live in an apartment, have a patio herb garden, a backyard garden or, like us, a farm. The picture above is the seeds I have recently planted; they include lettuce, peas, basil, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, watermelon, and cantaloupe… and there is so much more on the way. Stay tuned to watch my garden grow!!! xoxo

Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation

Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Winter has hit our usually temperate province (British Columbia, Canada) in full force this year. It had been in the forecast since fall but we did not understand what they meant until it happened! And in my household, we are grateful for the inches of snow that have already fallen, mainly because there is a chance that it might replenish the water table and help avoid a drought for the next gardening season. With a high Anticipation for even more snow to fall this winter, we might even enjoy a white holiday season all the way into the new year. There are some out there who are not into the white fluffy stuff but honestly, we have had a shortage of water over the last few summers, in part due to very low snowfalls over the winters. So  bring it on! And it’s also a great pretext to spend extra time in the studio, cozied up with my loved ones – including my beloved zoo members of course – and drinking warm beverages.

The snow offers another benefit. I happen to be very fond of yard art and have put on display many little creatures and treasures in mine. Today I share a photo of a vintage toy with a clock concealed in its body that awaits in Anticipation to see if the snow will end up covering him completely this year or not. Only time will tell…