Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners

Tuesday was a special day! We welcomed a new member to our family… Her name is Cali. We adopted her because she needed a more active family with a few more zoo members – something we can easily provide! The two lovelies portrayed on the picture, Betty and Cali, are more then just Partners inContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners”

Lets hear it for Billie -Buns of Steel- Balducci

I rescued Billie when she was 3 years old she was in bad shape tortured and abused to the max.When I brought her home many of my friends were like are you sure about keeping this dog?Well I was with no second thoughts.She came with many issues anxiety,scared of everything and everyone (almost) and hideContinue reading “Lets hear it for Billie -Buns of Steel- Balducci”

Weekly Photo Challenge:Express Yourself

Meet Betty Boo she is like my mini me.She is a Chipin and one of our zoo members.You always hear”Your dog is your best friend and often you will see Yourself Expressed throw them.Betty Boo loves the sun,beach and long hikes but most of all she likes to be by my side.