The Stuffy Collection (Photo shoot)

Taking a photo a week for one year of my stuffed animal collection created a starting point for each portrait that lead to a story for my art book “My Stuffies’ Secret Life”. Weather for colour , general theme or inspiration I had a lot of fun taking my stuffy’s around Cortes Island weekly.

Bambie - sold Bambie – sold
Mr.iLoveh2o Mr.iLoveh2o -sold
Oliver Oliver – sold
Sofia Sofia
Russian Nesting Doll - sold Russian Nesting Doll – sold
Honey - sold Honey – sold
Drufus Drufus
Pappa Smurf Pappa Smurf
Paddington the Bear Paddington the Bear – sold
Willow Willow
Pickles - sold Pickles – sold
Dazzle Dazzle
Elenor Elenor -sold
Froggie de Toto Froggie de Toto
Robbie Hopscotch - sold Robbie Hopscotch – sold
Sally Sally
Baba P. - sold Baba P. – sold
Winnie the Poo Winnie the Poo
Stewie - sold Stewie – sold
Barney Barney
Little Horn Little Horn
Maspins Maspins
Babar Babar – Sold
Semare Semare – sold
UpsyDaisy UpsyDaisy – Sold
Skookum Jim Skookum Jim
Stan Stan
Elmo Elmo
Ronald Ronald – sold
Freddie Freddie
Romeo – sold
PooPow - sold PooPow – sold
Curious George Curious George
Annabella Annabella
Steve - sold Steve – sold
Joshie Twins Joshie Twins
Beans Beans
Snowflake Snowflake
Sergio Sergio
Buckley Buckley
Oscar Oscar
Lemon - sold Lemon – sold
Mazzy Mazzy
Pearl Pearl
Pinky Pinky
Sebastian - sold Sebastian – sold
Chinetta Chinetta -sold
Otis - sold Otis – sold
Snapper Snapper – Sold
Dumbo Dumbo
Smartypants Smartypants
Season Season


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